About Us

Success Resources understand that to improve people’s skills and effectiveness, positive outcomes were best achieved in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

Graham Taylor-Edwards
will show your people how to improve their skills and effectiveness in the people business.

A unique blend of coaching and mentoring is facilitated by combination of face-to-face and group connections that are supported by modern communication tools.

Our focus is on reaction, learning, behavioural change and results in the workplace. Although results in some cases is the hardest to quantify, if you can tick the first three boxes, the results will come.

Success Resources International is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO# 31335)

Vision and Values

 Success vision
  • To be considered “the best choice” for the provision of creative learning and behavioural change.
  • To develop strategic partnerships that are fresh, healthy, profitable and enjoyable for all.
Success values
  • Continuous improvement and exceed expectations
  • A loyal, fair and caring approach