BLENDED LEARNING AND SUPPORT TRAINING PROGRAM (B.L.A.S.T) is a personalised program for your people who want to up-skill and improve their performance at work.

In industry today, it is common knowledge that not only induction but especially indoctrination is not very good.

We recruit when we are desperate; we rehash the same old faces and take them back expecting a different result.

Some myths that don’t usually work on their own:

  1. Get a trainer in
  2. Get the managers to train
  3. Find an experienced person with no baggage
  4. Threaten people with the sack unless they hit target
  5. Send them to external training
  6. Hook them up with an online program
  7. Hook them up with an online program that if they don’t do there will be consequences

Now all of these have some merit but NOT IN ISOLATION.

Blend some of the key competencies and combine external facilitation with in-house backing and with an online support program then we are some way to changing the outcome.

Make Success Resources YOUR Success! Check out our pilot program today by clicking here and use the following username and password or simply phone +61 7 55492829 for more information.

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