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We engaged Success Resources to improve staff effectiveness through:-

– Development of individual communication skills
– Improved communication culture within the workplace
– Improved phone and communication techniques

They delivered a practical approach to improving workplace communication, team moral and inter-departmental relationships. By creating an awareness of the barriers created by poor communication and giving evidence of the benefits of, and process to, achieve an improved communication culture. Each participant finished with a tool kit of communication techniques they could use to overcome barriers in the workplace when dealing with internal and external customers alike.

Phil House

Jack Casey Motor Centre

The content of the Customer Focus training that my staff undertook is unlike any other I have attended and is truly tailored as a working session so when completed, the take home knowledge and assimilation into your business is immediate!  After approx six months of training, t is truly ingrained in our culture.

Darryn Sunnex

Nissan Service Manager, Von Bibra Southport.

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